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14 de abril de 2009

Back with a FALSE FRIENDS activity ;O)

Hi, everyone!!!

Hope you've had a nice Easter holiday, and the return to work or study has not been that hard. I'd like to resume my blog with a false friends activity.

Many native-speakers of Spanish tend to confuse some English words which are similar to Spanish in form but actually mean something different.

Would you like to have a go and fill in the following sentences with the suitable word? If you doubt just click on the link and find out more about it:


  1. You should be careful when talking to Mary these days as she has failed her driving test and she is very ___________ about it. (sensible/sensitive)
    That’s not a very _____________ remark; I should say it sounds rather stupid. (sensible/sensitive)
  2. After hearing that Mary had broken up with her boyfriend, her boss was very ____________ and overlooked the fact that she had forgotten to send that important letter. (friendly/sympathetic)
    The new student is very _______________ and has already made good friends with his classmates. (friendly/sympathetic)
  3. As it had been requested, all the students _______________ the conference on the new school regulations. (assist/attend)
    The patient was immediately _______________ by an orderly when walking feebly into the hospital. (assist/attend)
  4. Don’t forget your ____________ at the end of the page. (signature/subject)
    The new school _________________ doesn’t seem to interest my students. (signature/subject)
  5. Mary was sure she would ________________ the exam so the news of her failure came as a shock. (approve/pass)
    I didn’t _______________ the way he reacted to the news. (approve of/pass)
  6. Her _______________ was very much applauded by the audience. (representation/performance)
    A ________________ of the whole community was received by the ambassador. (representation/performance)
  7. Because of the road works, we had to pay a lot of attention so that we wouldn’t miss the _________________. (fun/diversion)
    We had lots of _____________ during our stay with Mary. (fun/diversion)
  8. We ______________ that the order had been sent out without checking. (carry out/realize)
    We ________________ the instructions by the book. (carry out/realized)
  9. We got to the ____________________ just on time to get the train. (station/season)
    Most children say that summer is their favourite _____________ (station/season)

ANSWERS: 1. sensitive -- sensible; 2. sympathetic -- friendly; 3. attended -- assisted; 4. signature -- subject; 5. pass -- approve of; 6. performance -- representation; 7. diversion -- fun; 8. realized -- carried out; 9. station -- season

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