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11 de octubre de 2011


Listen&write is a great website to practise both your listening and writing skills. What's more: it's free of charge!!! 

You have a wide choice of levels so I'm sure you will find a suitable one to start with and from there start building up your confidence in understanding English. The fact that you can see the spoken words in written form will certainly help you consolidate their spelling via an old technique as it is dictation. 

There are three modes you can choose from:
  1. Full Mode: you need to type in the full word itself and if you spell it correctly it is shown on the screen directly.
  2. Quick Mode: only by typing in the first letter you get the full word on the screen.
  3. Blank Mode: the text is shown with blank spaces, you need to type in the correct word in the blank.
If you find the listening too difficult I suggest you should use the Blank Mode. You will be able to read the text and work out those missing words in the gap. Then, once you've done this, you can select the Full Mode and give it another try. I find the Quick Mode a bit confusing as it's far too quick! You type in the first letter and it immediately gets it shown on the screen but because you are so engrossed in understanding the next word or words you hardly have time to set in what's being done.

Anyway, you're free to find your own mood! Just give it a try & have fun with English! :O)

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