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16 de diciembre de 2010


As you probably know by now, both Twitter and Facebook have become two worldwide communication entities with their own idyosincracies, which is not my intention to discuss in this post.

My aim is to feature Matthew Bennett and the good work he is carrying out with such generosity on his website/blog. I got to *know Matthew on the ciberspace thanks to Twitter from my first days when I started tweetting.

For this reason I am writing this post and I truly hope I can contribute to extending his readers with these lines. I have also got him his ¨own place¨ as Matthew Bennett's Website on my blog.

If you are interested in improving your Spanish or English language skills, you can join his Learn Spanish Newsletter or his Boletín para aprender inglés , repectively, for free and start practising straightaway. I am sure he will not disappoint you. I have read his page About me: a quick version and, believe me, it sounds ever so interesting.

*this morning I heard on the radio that we can say ¨talk digitally¨ according to one of our academics, so I guess I should say ¨know digitally¨ ;O)

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  1. Hi Luz,

    Er…(bashful)…thank you VERY much!!! Wasn't expecting all this at all. I'm very pleased that what I'm doing is useful to you and helps you learn a bit. If you have any suggestions about how you would like to change what I'm doing so it's even more useful for you, clearly they will go straight to the front of the queue now :-) !!

    To anyone else reading: as Luz says, I will try not to disappoint. You're very welcome to come over and join in the fun.