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7 de julio de 2009

Resuming blogging: ME & time ;O)

Hi, everyone!

It's a month since my last entry on my blog, and though blogging shouldn't feel like an obligatory task or a duty, I believe that once I've decided to engage myself in this blogging adventure I should be consistent with it whatsoever. I also feel I have silently undertook a commitment with my present readers as well as any potential or future readers. It goes without saying that I truly appreciate the interest they have shown in my blog, which, of course, makes the adventure of writing a more engaging and rewarding task.

One of the secondary reasons for me to start blogging was the fact that I was out of work and, consequently, with lots of "free" time ahead of me. But, let's rephrase this last sentence: being out of work allowed me to have more free time to do things I seemed not to have time for when working full time. (Wow, what a tricky word "time" is, I've just managed to use it three "times" in one sentence!!!)

ME and this precious word "time" ;O) A sly smile just gets drawn on my face when I think of it, as I have a peculiar way of perceiving the concept of time in my life. Time is not simply a measurable concept; a very needed one in our lives, but can also be a damning one. I wonder how often the word "time" crops up in our discourse. I don't know about you, but it surely comes to my mind or sneaks in my discourse more than it should. One friend of mine once said I was very ambitious with time, and I feel he managed to define me quite well. There are so many things in life that lure my interest that I have reached a point in which I need to be more realistic and disciplined when it comes to engaging myself in present or new activites.

At present, I'm back teaching a full-time course of English for Information Technology experts. This in part explains why I've been so neglectful with my blog. I have been giving it quite a lot of thought lately and have decided to gear my blog to my working needs. So, I intend to write about grammar points that can be useful not only to my present students but anyone else who happens to read my blog.

Well, yes, I take your point: "What's the point of writing about grammar and giving more grammar explanations?!" Surely, there is plenty of this on the Internet already. I myself have listed some websites I have found of interest for this purpose. My intention has a two-fold aim. I intend to write about grammar points but contrasting both languages: English and Spanish. Hopefully, this way I can engage the interest of both native speakers of any language learning Spanish and native Spanish speakers learning English.

So, keep visiting my blog, and see if you think this new stage is worth a reading: I TRULY HOPE SO!


2 comentarios:

  1. I'm looking forward to reading more from you. I am very interested in language comparisons. :)

  2. Thanks, Marcy for showing your interest. I will try to do my best and satisfy your interest. I'm sure I will also benefit from your comments. You're really welcome to participate :O)